Gone are the days when POS systems were only limited to financial transactions. The advancement in POS technology has resulted in the induction of more features resulting in increasing its worth. Nowadays, a POS system not only handles the sales, billing, and other financial details, but they also cater to different operations of a business. From managing inventory to providing business insights, modern POS systems perform all the functions.

With the innovative POS features, the running of business operations has become much smoother, and the profits have seen a boost. After considering such factors, more and more businesses have started to employ POS systems according to their needs. Pakistan also has a flourishing POS industry, and this blog includes the top 5 POS systems in the market.

1. myPOS:

myPOS is an advanced point of sale system with an extensive range of functionalities like company management, inventory management, multi-terminal POS availability. It is an all-in-one POS solution that covers every aspect of a business to produce positive outcomes.

2. Oscar: 

Oscar is a versatile point of sale system apt for bakeries, supermarkets, fashion boutiques, and other retail businesses. It offers mobile ordering, split payments, and card payments for the convenience of the clients. Oscar POS also supports different kinds of E-commerce stores and manage their operational functionalities effectively.


Computer Information Services (CIS) is a seasoned IT company with state of the art services, and CISPOS is one of them. CISPOS is a flexible POS mechanism suitable for different types of businesses, including Fashion, Pharmacy, armor, restaurant, retail, etc. The unique features of CISPOS are tailor-made to serve the requirements of the specific industry.

4. Pakistan POS: 

Pakistan POS is one of the top POS providers in Pakistan, offering attractive features to clients. They not only provide excellent POS software for various businesses but also provide hardware. From Pos monitors to thermal printers and Cash Drawers, Pakistan POS delivers all types of equipment to the clients.

5. YehPOS: 

YehPOS is an innovative POS solution offering topnotch operational automation for businesses. It is custom-built for restaurants to streamline their daily business processes. The excellent features and convenient pricing packages make it an excellent choice for restaurants.

It is hard to declare a POS system as the best because it may be suitable for some businesses and not good for others. The selection of the POS system is dependent on the scope and requirements of the restaurant. The top 5 POS systems mentioned above are best in features and customer service and are worth considering.