Terms & Conditions

YehPOS service agreement is a legal binding between us and the clients. It is of great importance to go through all the points of the service agreement thoroughly before acceptance. Accepting the service agreement means committing to all the clauses included in it. In case of agreement breach, YehPOS is allowed to conduct legal proceedings against the culprit.

YehPOS Return Policy:

In case you want to return our service, you have to contact our customer care within 30 days of order placement. Depending on the legitimacy of your request, we will determine the possibility of a refund. If the refund is granted, the deduction of logistic charges will be done and remaining amount will be refunded.


YehPOS is a genuine and unique product developed by a team of dedicated professionals at NetTech Pvt. Ltd. Therefore, all the rights of YehPOS are reserved to NetTech Pvt. Ltd and any attempt to use these rights will be considered a crime. Any party involved in the copyright infringement will be subjected to legal action.

The copyright violation done by a client or partner will also be taken up in a legal framework. The responsible party will be denied access to all the YehPOS features and their account will be terminated immediately.