Restaurant Management

YehPOS is not just another POS system in the market; in fact, it is much more than that. It is a highly reliable solution to manage all the operational affairs of a business. YehPOS is tailor-made for restaurants as it covers all the areas of business from ordering and billing to stock and staff management.

The innovative yet user-friendly design of YehPOS offers easy handling and management of the software for the restaurant staff. It allows streamlining the workflow allowing the restaurant staff to enhance their efficiency and productivity.

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Order Management

YehPOS allows you to get a configurable mechanism for running the daily restaurant operations like ordering, delivery and billing etc. Every restaurant has different requirements and YehPOS is flexible enough to accommodate that. The order placed by the customer is quickly printed in the kitchen so that it gets prepared quickly. This makes it convenient for the restaurant staff to take up an order and saves precious time.

Requisition Cycle

Unlike conventional POS systems, YehPOS provides facilitation throughout complete requisition cycle. From the time a request is made till it’s granted, YehPOS offers functionality in every step. Head office is the central location in a requisition cycle that streamlines communication and automates workflow. Every request is sent to the head office and after checking, gets granted.

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Customer Management

YehPOS offers efficient customer management feature which allows you to keep all the important record of your customers. This helps in establishing an open line of communication with them resulting in the development of goodwill. You can use the customer’s information to employ different marketing tools to promote your product in front of a potential market.

Employee Management

YehPOS’s employee management is a big relief for restaurant owners as it allows them to keep a check on their employees’ performance. From viewing the work shift of different employees to managing their payrolls, YehPOS encompasses all. You can also schedule the daily tasks of employees to automate daily operations at your restaurant.

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Inventory Management

YehPOS facilitates in managing the stock at different branches of a restaurant effectively. Due to smooth and automated mechanism, the changes in the inventory are recorded automatically in the database. This way, the inventory requirements are met efficiently as soon as the data updates. You can also anticipate future stock requirements and prepare in advance.


YehPOS ensures transparency of a restaurant business by offering a highly efficient reporting method. The reports are generated automatically at the end of every sale at restaurant branch. This is helpful in assessing the trend in the sales and you can come up with a strategy accordingly.

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