POS  Software Features

YehPOS offers many efficient and user-friendly features that make it superior from conventional POS software. YehPOS encompasses all the operational aspects of a restaurant business ranging from order placement and billing to inventory management. You have the luxury to make hassle-free requisitions through YehPOS support during complete requisition cycle. The auto inventory update and reporting keeps your inventory record updated on runtime and provides you with precious business insights.

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POS Software

Ingenious POS system capable of optimizing profits and enhancing the scope of a business. It has much more to offer than conventional POS software as it is tailor-made for every operation of a restaurant.

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Staff Management

Don’t worry about keeping your workforce productive as YehPOS will help you do so. From attendance marking to daily time in and time out, YehPOS facilitates you in staff management effectively.

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Cloud Server

YehPOS saves you from managing a complicated database of different departments of your restaurant through cloud server connectivity. All your data is automatically stored in the cloud and can be retrieved whenever required. We also ensure complete cloud security to prevent data hacking.

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Recipe Management

The quantity of ingredients required for every recipe is defined in the database. When a dish is ordered at the restaurant, the ingredients required in its making are automatically deducted from the inventory record.

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Requisition Cycle Completion

Unlike other POS software, YehPOS not only offers conventional POS functionality but covers every step of the requisition cycle. From request to dispatching, YehPOS’s features ensure that every operation in the process is carried out smoothly.

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Auto Inventory Management

On completion of every requisition cycle, the inventory record is updated automatically. This automation prevents the manual entry of every change in the inventory saving time.

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Kitchen Module

A restaurant branch orders a certain quantity of marinated and partially prepared food items from the central kitchen. The head office checks the request and allows the kitchen to provide an accurate quantity to ensure transparency.

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You can get business insights from the auto-generated reports of various branches of your restaurant and make strategies accordingly. These runtime reports are prepared regularly and can be retrieved from the cloud database anytime.

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Finance Module

YehPOS offers an elaborate module that deals with different aspects of financial record. From Trial Balance and Ledger to Profit/Loss statement and Balance sheet, you can keep track of every financial detail of your business. 

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Admin App

Every branch of a restaurant has an Admin App that covers various aspects from making requisition to generating reports. The day to day operations like inter-department communication in a branch is streamlined through the Admin App.

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Sales App

As the sales are made, the Sales App updates the record on runtime. The Sales App is also operational for users without internet and the data update is done automatically as the internet becomes available.

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Head Office

Head Office is the central location which controls all the operations of the business. Every request is checked by the head office before approval to ensure transparency in daily affairs. Head office helps streamline operations as the same protocol is followed during every requisition.