Running a restaurant may not be everyone’s cup of tea as it requires extraordinary vigilance and dedication to ensure proper management. No matter how much money you invest, if your restaurant lacks a mechanism for managing operations, the results cannot be desirable. POS systems are a sigh of relief for restaurateurs as they offer them control over daily operations at their restaurant.

Out of many features of YehPOS, requisition cycle completion is the one that makes it one of the best POS software Pakistan. This blog will encompass the details about requisition cycle completion service of YehPOS.

Requisition Cycle Completion:

YehPOS has an elaborate mechanism to ensure that every aspect of a restaurant’s operations is catered. During a requisition, YehPOS offers complete support from the time the request is made till the time it is met. The extensive mechanism of YehPOS allows it to facilitate the restaurant during every step of the requisition.

YehPOS automates the coordination between different departments to ensure the requisition cycle completes smoothly and quickly.

Factors involved in the completion of the requisition cycle:

  • Restaurant:

The restaurant is the point from where the request is made and is directly involved in every requisition. When any branch of the restaurant needs something like inventory or staff, a request is forwarded to the head office.

The head office checks the request and after confirmation, grants it to the restaurant. Once the restaurant receives the required item, a receive note is sent to the head office to notify it.

  • Kitchen/Store:

The kitchen/store is the midpoint in the requisition cycle that gets the request from one place and grants it to the other. For example, if a restaurant branch needs marinated food items, a request is made from the respective branch to the head office.

The head office, after approval, orders the kitchen to prepare the required food items. After preparation, the food items are dispatched to the respective restaurant branch.

  • Head Office:

Head office acts as a backbone of every requisition cycle as all the orders are passed on from here. It is the main branch of a multi-branched restaurant which facilitates coordination between different departments.

When a request is made; it goes to the head office for approval before getting granted. The head office checks the authenticity of the requisition and grants it if the request is made on merit. If the request does not fulfil the criteria, it is declined by the head office.

  • Cloud:

Cloud is also involved in every requisition cycle as it stores the record of the updates in the inventory. Whenever an item is removed or added from the inventory, the cloud updates it automatically.

YehPOS requisition cycle service is tailor-made for facilitating the daily requisitions at a restaurant. It not only helps the restaurants’ operations to work faster with a minimalistic chance of errors. Therefore, the inclusion of requisition cycle feature in YehPOS has made it a highly sought after POS system for the restaurateurs.