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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of head office in your system?2020-05-27T12:58:25+00:00

Ans. The head office is the centre of all the operations taking place at different branches of a restaurant. Every requisition is checked and approved from the head office. All the clients’ data is available at head office and any problem in the record can be sorted out from there.

What do you offer in Finance Module?2020-05-27T12:57:53+00:00

Ans. We offer complete management of financial record of your restaurant business in the Finance Module. The income statement, trial balance, ledger, profit loss statements are generated automatically. You can also view the runtime updates in all your financial record from the cloud.

In case of a query, who should I contact?2020-05-27T12:57:17+00:00

Ans. If you have any query, you can contact info@nettechltd.com. Our customer care will be at your disposal throughout the working hours to cater to all your questions.

How much does your POS system cost?2020-05-27T12:56:46+00:00

Ans. We have a flexible pricing policy so that different kinds of clients can avail our services. Basically, we have three packages including Silver, Gold and Platinum. All three of them have different rates and offer different features.

How do you manage database?2020-05-27T12:56:13+00:00

Ans. We have a cloud database where all the record of clients is stored automatically. A client can view and retrieve the data anytime they want.

What features do you offer for different branches of a restaurant?2020-05-27T12:55:18+00:00

Ans. YehPOS offers exclusive features like Admin App and Sales App for individual branches of a restaurant. The Admin app helps making requisitions, facilitating communication between departments and generating reports. The Sales App lets you manage the updated record of daily sales at your branch. A great feature of the sales app is that it is operational without internet.

What functionality do you offer regarding requisitions?2020-05-27T12:54:40+00:00

Ans. YehPOS covers each and every aspect of a requisition cycle. From sending the request to the head office to granting it, every step is supported by YehPOS. The whole requisition mechanism is fully automated to ensure that everything happens smoothly without any hassle.

Does your system offer reporting option?2020-05-27T12:59:44+00:00

Ans. Yes, YehPOS has the option of auto reporting which generates all kinds of reports in runtime ranging from inventory to finance. It saves you from the inconvenience of making reports manually and saves a lot of time. You can get valuable insights regarding operations and trends of your business from these reports helping you in strategy making.