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We offer a complete package to give our customers, the resources they need to succeed in the market, including financial management, stock management, price management, customer loyalty, customer order maintenance, analysis and reporting of data, and audit servicess. We back our products with efficient and effective customer support.

YehPOS products, under NeTTECH (Pvt) Ltd. banner, are a complete solution for retailers and restaurants thats being not only used by diverse retail segments including apparel, footwear, fabrics, cosmetics, pharmacies, grocery, bakeries, restaurants, electrical appliances and gift items but also for both small and big restaurants. The core philosophy that determines the direction of our business is: Make business Simple. Its a customer centric philosophy that aims to build solutions that are easy to use, and efficient enough to give our customers a competitive edge, and help them achieve rapid business growth.

Highly Configurable

Customer database, Delivery management, Ordering of complex menu items with configuration options.

Cloud Based System

No need to worry about data loss. There is no need to keep track of anything. We integrate everything into a single, straightforward platform.

Time Crunched Solutions

Ordering quick meals on the go or from your table, Allowing quick orders by simplest GUI and minimum clicks.

User Friendly

YehPOS packages are user friendly point of sale softwares, Easy to use interface and easily manageable.


Record and analyze sales data to make informed business decisions.
Sales Reporting

Log purchases and keep in touch with customers through marketing tools.
Customer Management

Manage quantity of stock to determine when and how often to record products.
Inventory Management

Provide clock-in/clock-out tools and manage scheduling and payroll.
Employee Management
About The Company

Nettech a well reputed name in IT industry is proud of delivering quality software solutions and services for the past 14 years in the line of new technology and innovation. We provide superior IT solutions that help streamline the operational needs of your business. With more than thousands of projects and websites deployed at various sites over UK, we understand the value of customizability and strive to continually deliver unprecedented solutions which cater directly to your business needs.

NET TECH Limited is a UK based company with offshore development offices working tirelessly as a technical partner to SME (Small & Medium size Enterprises). We are proud distributors of softwares in-line with IT technical services and enterprise application solutions all over UK. Since our inception in 2000, Nettech has used its best practices and highly experienced resources in quality assurance, development and cost effective software solutions.

Nettech Technologies is a unit of talented and trained professionals having cumulative experience of 15+ years within the commercial software industry therefore our concern to software quality is of up most standard and a first priority.

Please visit our website www.nettechltd.com for more details.

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